50cc racing (oops) the 50cc Rally in Suches Ga. was a huge success with more than 100 participants including the infamous gals from Calamari Racing As well as your own Maurice Turegeau,Mike Porter and myself representing the Mobile Bay folks.   This year as most past years the weather was wonderful and the trees provided an inspiring sight with their yellow and red leaves falling like colored snow.   If you have never been to T.W.O campground the last week of October to see the Rally then mark your calendars for next year, a lot of folks go to Daytona but how many times do you need to go and watch the freak show?   Trust me there are plenty of freaks for this event take me for example a 50cc Yahama painted like the Texas flag, toomey racing pipe, boysen reeds, street bars, etc. then there's Mike Porter,s miniature Ducati 888, and the icing on the cake has to be Maurice's 50cc Harley/Yahama chopper complete with peace sign sissy bar, Maltese cross mirrors and tail light, highway pegs, ape hangers, saddle bags, finger side stand (chrome no less) yes even the boys at speed vision were beyond words once they laid eyes on the chopper. Watch speed vision for coverage of the rally in 2 to four weeks. They could not resist the buzzard safety wired to the sissy bar!!!! Well ya just have to see it to believe it.  

As far as the race (oops) rally goes it started about 9:15 am the start line was packed with 2 stroke smelling chain saw whining weed eating looking machines of destruction. And the rides didn't look much better either! Some had rubber girl friends duck taped to their leathers, some looked a lot like Elvis, and one even had a sidehack with his dog in attendance!   But being a true racer (oops) rally goer you just gotta ride with whoever shows up including your pal with the buzzard safety wired to his sissy bar. So anyway the sheriff yes the sheriff starts the race and there we all go looking like a bunch of folks needing to join smokers anonymous (please give me a patch).   Thought the haze of blue exhaust I can see this guy on a ZB50 Honda going around the first down hill corner about a 45 degree one at that, he was so close to the ground I was thinking of what he may have to spend on that new steel knee he was going to be getting then it got weird as I heard this loud noise coming from my bike the armadillo express, I looked back to see what may have fallen off when I see the dreaded Buzzard Bike bearing down on me like some run away 18 wheeler out of a Steven King novel. I shivered it was cold all of a sudden. The rider was leather clad with a beanie helmet and sparks flying from his racing boots (oops) rally boots, an evil looking creature perched high above the riders half helmet, as he passed sparks showered the armadillo express and I, damn titanium sliders, his boots created in the black shop of Mr.Skip Ladnier psycho gunsmith/airplane/ sheetmetal/crafter, and all around good guy.   The noise turned out to be the Toomey silencer which had departed from the pipe and left me wishing for a pair of military style ear plugs those type used by the artillery guys, it was LOUD!! but I was proud (spell that stupid) and continued to the finish line, when they called my name out I still could not hear but some nice fellow pushed be in the right direction.   I am leaving out some very interesting to say the least details but this being a family kinda site I reckon PG-13 is all I should press for, the editor may revoke my roving reported status as is, so I will just end by saying please don't miss the next one!!  

Danny Weemes
MBVMC Roving Reporter