> Here's the letter that Joerg sent me from Germany.  I thought it
> would be cool if you could put a little blurb on the club
> news of the website that the mbvmc has a member working
> (though temporary) at BMW!
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> From: Jrg Schmitt <Joerg.Schmitt@bmw.de>
> To: <cforte@zebra.net>
> Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 9:29 AM
> Subject: Hello Carlos!
> Hi Carlos!
> How are you? I think the motorcycle season has already started in
> Mobile. Hope you can remember me. I was last year in Mobile for an
> internship at Degussa. We ride together with Volker on your bikes.
> Im now in Munic for my diploma thesis at BMW. Im working in the
> development department for air conditions. Its really interesting!
> After 3 weeks searching for a flat I found a small house. Its very
> cheap. It was good luck. Because here in munic its very difficult at
> the moment to find something to stay for longer.
> Hope to hear from you.
> Greatings
> Joerg