Club News (last updated Nov, 2017)

The 2017 Biloxi Fall Show{short description of image}

The 2017 Dauphin Island Show 

The 2016 Biloxi Fall Show

The 2016 Dauphin Island Show

NOLA 2016

The 2015 Biloxi Fall Show  

The 2015 Dauphin Island Spring Show  

The 2014 Ft Conde Show  

The 2014 Dauphin Island Show  

The 2013 Fort Conde Show  

The 2013 Dauphin Island Show

The 2012 Fort Conde Show 

The 2012 Dauphin Island Show

The 2011 Fort Conde Show

The 2011 Dauphin Island Show

The 2010 Fort Conde Show

The 2010 Dauphin Island Show

The 2009 Ft Conde Show

The 2008 Dauphin Island Show

The 2007 Dauphin Island Show

The 2006 Dauphin Island Show

The 2005 Dauphin Island Show  

4th Annual Open Charity Car Show in Mobile March 5th, 2005

The Museum of Mobile Motorcycle Exhibit

The 2004 Dauphin Island Spring Festival Show

The Retro Cycle Works Ride In  (March 21, 2004)

August 2003 at the Whataburger
Small Bike Night

May 2003 at the Whataburger

April 2003 at the Whataburger

The 2003 Dauphin Island Spring Festival Show

Danny Weemes visits British in the Blue Ridge 2002

The Bike Show at the Bike-O-Rama in Stockton (18 August 2002)

June 2002 at the Whataburber

May 2002 at the Whataburger

See pictures and a synopsis of the 2002 Dauphin Island Show 

Mike Thomason reports on the Jawa get-together at Tom Glasener' in New Carlisle, Ohio

Pictures from May's Whataburger

Read about the Small Bike Ride on May 15th

See pictures and a synopsis of the 2001 Dauphin Island Show 

Jeörg Schmitt now working for BMW in Munich.  We have had a club member at Harley Davidson
and now we have one at BMW. Click here to read his letter.

Coverage of March's  Whataburger with plenty of pix

See pictures and story from the Dec 3 Toys for Tots ride

Danny Weemes reports on this year's 50cc Races at Suches Ga.

Read about the Grand Bay Fall Festival

Click Here to see July's First Tuesday ride-through in Fairhope

The Small bike ride on 21 May 2000 had a spectacular turn out. Click here to see pictures and read Joe McDonald's commentary

See Results of the 2000 Dauphin Island Show.

On 12 September 1999 The annual British and European Bike show was held in Pensacola, FL. There was a good turn out and some nice vintage iron was on display. MBVMC was there with many members, Jim Arrington, Jim Downey, Carlos Forte, Joe McDonnald and Mike Montgomery to name a few. Click here to see a run down of the winners and lots of pictures.

As mentioned on the home page we currently have no dues. One generous member, however, anticipated that we will have future expenses and sent a $10 check with his registration. We have had some financial transactions with the Dauphin Island Show. Click here to see the current club balance sheet.

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