May 2003 at the Whataburger

Good weather and a lunar eclipse for the May 2003 Whataburger drive-through.  Caught on camera was Jim Arrington who showed up with a new 72 Triumph Bonneville and a new left knee.  Recovering from knee replacement surgery Jim got around with the aid of a cane and rode fine.  Behind Jim's Bonneville is Mitchell Martin's KLR. Jim's Brother Jeff Arrington rode Jim's CBR.  Jimmy Doan brought his Suzuki Savage sidecar rig.  Jim Downey brought his BMW r50/2 sporting a new top end job and a newly painted frame. Thomas Krieg rode Downey's Sears Twingle.  Randall Baughman showed up on his super clean 550 Honda Super Sport.  Danny Weemes rode his Yamaha x650 sporting a new paint job.  The black cylinders and fork gaiters make this Yamaha a Triumph look-alike.  Finally, Steve Thomas rode his Triumph Bonneville.  It is as clean as they come and for sale.  See the sale page.