Biloxi 2017

This year we scheduled the show later in the Fall so we could enjoy the museum's motorcycle exhibit "Wind in Your Hair" which opened November first. November 12 was met with heavy rain and we had to rescedule the show at the last minute to November 19. Although the weather was clear it was also cool. A cold North wind met us as we set up that morning and it only warmed up to the low 60's by noon. All of this hurt our attendance as we only had 55 bikes entered this year (last year we had 76). Nevertheless it was a great show. The plaza at the museum is protected from the wind and with a jacket it was fine. We had a strange mix of entries compared to last year. In 2016 we a half a dozen scooters but only one this year. The same with the European bikes. But we had 4 Simplexes in the small American class and a whopping 9 British bikes. Go figure. 

The food truck had unusually good Mexican food and with much faster service than last year's truck. French and Sons had a vender's tent set up with some nice vintage bikes for sale. French and Sons were also financial supporters of this year's show which went toward the trophies and our thanks go out to them. The Museum exhibit of 13 exotic bikes from the early 1900's through the 1970s was a big hit. The museum's curator, Kevin Click O'Brian located some jaw-dropping specimens for the exhibit many of which can be seen in the gallery. Click on the winners listed below to see their beautiful bikes. We have tried to get a picture of all of the bikes entered in the show and you can page through them in the gallery. If your bike is missing send a photo to and we will add it. I know there was a red Honda 360 with Bags and fairing that registered late and was missed. Where are you red Honda?


Class First Second Third
American over 350cc Larry Watson 1917 Indian Power Plus Shiv 1947 HD Knucklehead Son Davenport 1959 HD Panhead
American 350cc or under Beatrice Long 1948 Simplex Johany Doucet 1953 Simplex Jim Gallagher 1958 Simplex
Japanese over 305cc Mike Thomas 1977 Yamaha XS650 Mike Thomas 1978 KZ650R David Hangen 1967 Honda Black Bomber CB450
Japanese 305cc and under David Paryzek 1968 Suzuki Larado 305 Steve Thomas 1972 Yamaha DS7 (250cc) Bo Arrington 1971 Honda 
Trail 70
Older European  Bo Arrington 1952 BMW R25 N/A N/A
Newer European  George Legg 1981 Moto Guzzi Convert Philip Colquette 2001 Ducati 748 N/A
English William Cure 1967 BSA Lightning George French 1969 Triumph Bonneville Bill Moak 1967 Triumph TR6C
Scooter Gordan McClinton 1963 Cushman Trailster N/A N/A
Unrestored Original Pete Peterson 1966 Yamaha YDS3 Anthony Miller 1982 Hesketh V1000 Carlos Forte 1968 Wards Riverside Mojave
Cafe Racer Pete Peterson 1974 Norton Commando Mike Predmore 1970's BMW bitsa Jerry Dildy 1947 BSA 500
Competition Tommy Pride 1968 Greeves Challenger Ed Teran 1937 NLD Hill Climber  Ronnie Cox 1941 HD WR Flat Tracker
Custom Clint Willson 1941 HD ULH 80  Mike Thomas 2004 Prostreet  Bill Moak 1972 Triumph

Best of show went to Fred Veenschoten's 1935 Morgan Three Wheeler

Fred Veenschoten's 1935 Morgan

As usual, registration was taken care of by Chris Conover (L) and Beverly Moritz (R)

Pete Peterson's unrestored YDS3

Small Japanese class was well represented. David Paryzek's Immaculate Suzuki is in the foreground.

French and Sons' tent

The Museum exhibit

A 1921 BMW/Victoria KRM on display in the exhibit.

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