Spring in October at Dauphin Island 2008


After the disastrous rain-out in April the 2008 Dauphin island show was held on October 5th without a hitch. The weather was warm and dry with a refreshing wind in the afternoon. We had 59 entrants in the show and because 37 trophies were awarded more than half rode home with a trophy.  The quality was, as usual, great.  There were many new entries along with some from past years that we were well acquainted with.  The Dauphin Island School PTO members did most of the work and served some great food.  The Shrimp Po Boys were a hit with everybody. Below is a list of this year’s winners. Be sure to visit the gallery where almost all of the entries can be seen.





Vintage American

Gerald Roberts
62’ Mustang

Jim English
42 Harley WLA

Kent Stocker
45 Harley sidecar rig

Vintage Japanese

David Paryzek
70’ Suzuki 500 Titan

Mike Coors
’70 Honda SL175

David Paryzek
70’ Suzuki T125 Stinger

Vintage European

Mike Porter
76’ Moto Guzzi

David Paryzek
67’ Harley Sprint

David Paryzek
64’ Harley Sprint

Vintage British

Melvin Leader
70’ Triumph Bnvl.

Jim Downey
1957 Triumph T-bird

Jim Downey
67’ Triumph T90


Vicky Streifler
06’ Fat Boy

Shane Aycock
08’ Rigid

Douglas Allen
76’ Shovel head

Harley Cruiser

Jim Munsey
07’ Road King sidecar

No entry

No entry

Non-Harley Cruiser

Debi Munsey
04’ Honda VTX 1300

Betty Jean Monzanella
Yamaha Road Star

Lankford Webb
08’ Yamaha Royal Str

Sport Bike

Bill Reid
04 Triumph Bnvl

Joe Higgins
99’ CBR 900

No entry


Paul Bowers
95 Harley Ultra Classic

Benny Monzanella
Harley Road King

Mike Miller
01 Valkyrie


Wiltz Wagner
94’ Honda RS 125

Carlos Forte
64 Honda Cub 50

Wiltz Wagner
94’ Honda RS 250

Unrestored Vintage

Larry Schoen
82’ Honda CBX  

Mike Montgomery
65’ Honda Dream

Harris Phillips
67’ Yamaha YG5t

Motor Scooter

Carlos Forte
63’ Allstate compact

Ed “Neely” Hannon
59’ Allstate 125

Gene Botter
59 Cushman Eagle

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